As-Built Drawings and Documents

The term "as-built" information is best defined as any variation no matter how small from the engineer‘s original design. Additionally a great deal of information documented during the as-built phase is based on "discovery during the construction phase". The importance in recording these normal variations should be noted in extreme detail in order to create a finalized engineering package. Upon project completion it is imperative to collect and organize all information, documentation, as-built information and photographic catalogues in order to create a customer turnover package.


Our engineering department understands the importance of this process and the turnover package that is delivered to the customer. The format in which the information is catalogued is also critical. Our documentation control department organizes all of the information using the "latitude" and "longitude" of the location where the work was performed as a "tag". This allows the information to be easily stored and accessed within a variety of GIS based systems. By using geo-referencing or "location based intelligence" it will no longer be necessary to search through files and folders to locate information.


Not only does this save engineering and project management resources time, it enables planning, sales and finance to make informed decisions based on demographics or regions.


For rawland sites, items to catalogue include but are not limited to:


  • Title sheet including: map, directions to site, fire contact, police contact and address if applicable
  • Zoning and Permitting drawings
  • Equipment layout plan
  • Land Survey with site boundary and topography to include: ingress/egress/utility easements on all site projects
  • Grading Plan and topography
  • Electrical plan and details including conduit and wire size
  • Mechanical (HVAC) plans and details
  • Telco system plan including cable and routing
  • Grounding plan and details
  • RF antenna plan
  • Required hardware for installation of antennas and lines
  • Structures and foundations
  • Fence and gate


For rooftop and equipment rooms, items to catalogue include, but are not limited to:


  • Coax cable layout, supports and anchorage (to roof/ceiling/wall/parapet).
  • Antenna mounts and their anchorage to existing building components.
  • Equipment platforms and their anchorage to existing building components.
  • Structural building systems/members for loads induced by the new equipment.
  • Design of power, lightning protection, grounding, grounding down conductor, telco service and coax cable systems of all new routing within the building.
  • Construction drawings showing roof plan (floor plans as required), building elevations and locations of equipment, platform, and/or shelter as applicable including power, grounding, telco, coax cable routing, antenna locations and elevations and all related design details.