Facility Services

Whether you are constructing a new point of presence, placing an equipment shelter or require an interior build-out, we have the experience and diverse familiarity with all build phases necessary to handle any project. We provide services that include turnkey interior room build-outs, cage/collocation build-outs including typical central office iron work, cable tray, FM-200, grounding and AC/DC electrical installations.


Back-up power is also critical to the stability of any network. Installing new battery plants or replacing existing "gel cell" or "wet cell" DC power plants and rectifiers is no problem for our certified electricians. We can also perform load testing to ensure your plant will support the load when it is necessary.


Roof top installations no matter how technical are common place for our experienced crews whether using a 300 ton crane or a helicopter to place platforms and equipment.


Ice bridge fabrication and installation for the protection of cabling and equipment is essential with over head structures. This work is reviewed by our engineers and installed to our customers specifications.