Disaster Response

"Thunder storms, high winds, ice or snow storms, tornados and flooding" have become all too common but when disaster strikes Com-Tech Services will be there 24/7 to support your needs. With our full suite of services we can provide everything from on the fly engineering to "COW" cell on wheels deployment, portable generators with specialized pigtails, Generator maintenance and refueling.

Additional emergency services we provide are:


  • Tower lighting
  • Microwave dish re-alignment
  • Antenna replacement or repair
  • Coax and waveguide installation or repair
  • Rectifiers and DC power plant maintenance
  • Equipment change outs
  • Lightning protection restoration
  • Grounding upgrades
  • Access road restoration


We have our own equipment such as D-6 dozers, excavators, backhoes and are capable of hauling equipment up 88,000 pounds on our tractor trailers. This allows us to mobilize equipment and resources at our choosing when disaster strikes.


"As your total turnkey source Com-Tech Services is there to support you"