Com-Tech Services‘ concern for the environment and its interest in renewable energy sources begin in 2007 when it started working on the developmental phase of the first wind turbine project in Indianapolis. The customer (The Time Factory) had a dream but required knowledgeable and qualified personnel to implement a project of this nature but found resources were practically non-existent.


We saw this as an opportunity to utilize our vast experience in tower construction and our problem solving team of engineers to come up with a plan and solution. Overcoming the lack of engineering details and minimal information, Com-Tech Services took control of the turnkey engineering, installation and turn up of this project.


As a result, we completed the first wind turbine project in Indianapolis and the first "green powered" publisher in the country which received an award from the Indiana Department of Energy, a grant from Indianapolis Power and Light, and a congratulatory letter from Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana.


Com-Tech Services continued to develop its "green energy" initiative by in installing multiple "MET" or meteorological monitoring towers for wind farm development.


In 2008 a new company was formed to dedicate its focus on wind energy, solar and hydrogen fuel cell technology known as Wind Energy Services, Incorporated. Please visit our web site at www.windenergyservices.net.


"Com-Tech Services and now Wind Energy Services are proud to be an instrumental contributor to a cleaner and brighter future"