Our project management staff coordinates and manages all subsurface investigation analysis for all Rawland sites. All work is performed in accordance with the latest revisions and addenda of the applicable standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) unless otherwise specified by our customer. Boring and sample collection methods utilize the appropriate equipment for the type of soil or rock and depth of proposed sample.


Borings are typically obtained as follows:


  • Monopole – One boring at the center of proposed of monopole
  • Guyed Tower – One boring at center of proposed tower base and borings at each proposed guy anchor location.
  • Self Supporting Towers – One boring at the proposed tower center location. If rock is encountered or the area is known for rock outcropping, there will be one at the proposed location of each tower leg.
  • Equipment Shelters – One boring within the footprint of the proposed shelter location. (for collocations where the Geo-tech Report is available a sample is usually not taken)