H&P FlashGuard Series Obstruction Lighting Training

This class is provided to give a complete overview of the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, specifications and the Hughey & Phillips Obstruction Lighting products that meet these specifications.




General Obstruction Lighting


10 Minutes General Overview of Training Session
30 Minutes


Introduction of Presentation
- Why Obstruction Lighting
- History of OB Lighting
- Customers
- Applications
- Regulations

45 Minutes


Overview of FAA Lighting Types

- Medium Intensity Red

- High Intensity White

- Medium Intensity White
- High Intensity Dual (Red/White)

- Medium Intensity Dual (Red/White)

30 Minutes


Questions and Answers

Total Time Required- 2 Hours


FlashGuard Series Presentation


10 Minutes


Background / History

10 Minutes


Model Types of the FlashGuard Series

60 Minutes


FG Features, Operation Overview, & Training

20 Minutes


Recent Changes, Problems, Solutions with FG Product

- Trigger Transformer

- 43D to 43E changes


60-120 Minutes


Troubleshooting Session on FG3000B System

10 Minutes


Questions and Answers

Total Time required – 3 to 4 Hours
(Time depends on class participation/interaction)


For further information or to schedule a class contact Jeremy Buckles @ (317) 867-4486