High Angle / Vertical Rescue


This Rescue Course has been designed specifically to meet and exceed the requirements set forth in the newly revised ANSI Z359 2007 Standard. Unlike other rescue methods or courses that pick and choose what parts of the new standard to incorporate into the class, we use and fallow the standard as written. All rescue equipment is stamped ANSI Z359 2007, as required per the standard. Just as almost every job performed at height is different, so is every rescue. Often, down is not always the safest option. The ScaffPack/TowerPack Technical Rescuer Course offers participants the opportunity to receive manufacturer approved instruction on one of the simplest and most versatile rescue systems on the market. Stressing simplicity (No knots! No Knives!) and a common-sense approach to rescue, the ScaffPack/TowerPack Technical Rescuer is designed to get the job done using a minimal amount of gear, thereby eliminating the head-scratching that can waste valuable seconds.

In addition to Companion Rescue by Rappel, Companion Rescue by Lower, and Self Rescue the ScaffPack/TowerPack Technical Rescuer Course will instruct participants on how to secure and raise the subject using minimal personnel and without having to learn complicated mechanical advantage systems.

The classroom session will focus on the importance of establishing a rescue pre-plan, OSHA compliance, ANSI compliance, PPE use, fit and inspection and rescue theory. Familiarity, avoidance and treatment of the dangers associated with Suspension Intolerance are also covered in this course.

The field portion of the ScaffPack/TowerPack Technical Rescuer Course will teach Companion Rescue by Rappel, Companion Rescue by Lowering, Companion Rescue by Raise, and Self Rescue.

A strong emphasis on multiple repetitions of rescues is used to maintain a high level of participant retention. The ScaffPack/TowerPack Technical Rescuer Course is a three day course valid for two years.

Course Size: Minimum 4 participants, maximum 6 participants per instructor. Groups larger than six will require additional instructors.
Prerequisites: The Rescue Solution Technical Rescuer Course is a manufacturer recognized program designed to offer instruction, education and certification to those who use PMI manufactured and distributed rope and life safety equipment. Anyone who wishes to participate in the Technical Rescuer Course must be designated an Authorized Person for work at height by their employer per ANSI Z359.2 (2007).