When considering the significant investment of constructing a new communication structure or evaluating the choice of collocating on an existing structure it is imperative to understand your current and future loading requirements for maximum revenue and potential future growth. Our engineers work closely during the site acquisition and site selection process to help evaluate and recommend the best possible cost effective solution for the customer during the conceptual phase.


It should be understood that an existing tower or structure that has withstood the combined effects of use, abuse, loading and environmental conditions over time may not continue to do so as the result of loading, exposure to the elements, aging of the steel, wear & tear from normal use, inadequate maintenance or no maintenance program at all.


The practice of installing new antennas and equipment on a tower may differ from those considered in the original design and necessitate the need for a comprehensive evaluation of the structure. Without a thorough condition assessment the deterioration may continue to progress to the point of structural failure.


Our engineers conduct professional condition assessments and engineering analysis utilizing visual observation, ultra sound investigation, measuring, probing, material sampling, field and laboratory testing. It is also essential to obtain all existing documentation and create new records for evaluation utilizing our structure analysis and mapping formats and photographic cataloging for report preparation.


Our report provides the necessary information required by the tower/structure owner to determine factors affecting the health of the tower such as strength, serviceability, restoration/upgrade, adaptive reuse, code compliance, public safety, vulnerability and durability. This information can then be used to make informed decisions regarding technical, business and legal matters.


If structural upgrades or modifications are required our engineers work closely with our in house safety department and tower crews to develop the best possible solution for our customers. Crews assigned to structural upgrade projects, tower inspections or condition assessments, are well trained and have a comprehensive knowledge of the latest revisions of Industry Standards - ANSI/TIA/EIA 222, ASTM A370-06, ASTM G46, ASTM E1444 and other pertinent or applicable codes. Our in house welders are ANSI/AWS D1.1 and D1.5 certified.