Obtaining as-built information of an existing tower at a Collocation site is a pre-requisite for performing a structural analysis. Our engineers will make arrangements with the owner of the site for access to the site for the purpose of conducting the necessary inspections and measurements. The following information is provided as a minimum in tabular form, sketches and photographic documentation as appropriate.


  • The height of the tower using the "tape drop" method
  • Tower sections including member type, size, material, widths, lengths, thickness, connections bolt size, type and number
  • Torque arm type, size, location members
  • Base details including geometry and member sizes
  • Guy wire numbers, size, tower attachment locations, anchorage locations
  • Quantity, location, method of attachment and diameter of all coaxial cables
  • Identify and locate all tower appurtenances (ladders, platforms, lights etc
  • Vertical location of all antennas attached to the tower
  • Sketch of all antenna attachment members, including stand-off distances, member sizes and sufficient dimensions to describe the attachment
  • Foundation type, size, depth and location
  • Description and photographs of all antennas attached to the tower and all aspects of the tower itself