Structural Analysis

As required our engineers will perform a structural analysis of an existing tower/monopole at selected sites where the customer would like to collocate. It is our job to analyze the tower/monopole using existing data and obtain any and all other data that the customer is not able to provide. The greater of the wind speeds from the TIA/EIA-222-F standard or latest adopted standard or as required by the local jurisdiction are used.


In the event the tower/monopole and/or foundation(s) do not pass the criteria contained in the TIA/EIA or other applicable code or standard our engineers provide a copy of the calculations signed, stamped/sealed and dated by a Professional Licensed Engineer, along with a letter describing recommended design modifications including an order of magnitude cost estimate of the modifications required to the customer. We participate extensively in the review process of the analysis results and the recommended modifications to help determine if it is beneficial to proceed with the design modifications.


Our engineers ensure the analysis conforms to antenna, cable and accessory equipment prescribed on the RF data sheet provided by the customer.


If the tower/monopole and/or foundations require modifications, copies of the calculations and drawings detailing the modifications will be signed, stamped/sealed and by a Professional Engineer, licensed in the state in which the site is located along with a letter describing recommended design modifications will be provided.