Boundary/topography surveys must be completed for all Rawland sites. As-built surveys are completed for all Collocation sites, Rooftop sites and generator addition sites. All surveys are performed with 1A accuracy and meet the requirements of the Federal Geodetic Control Committee Specifications for Geodetic Control Surveys. The horizontal datum and the vertical datum are recorded in the terms of the NAD 83 and NAVD 88, respectively.

Information is collected but not limited to the following:


  • Boundaries of the underlying property
  • A legal description of the lease area(s), access easements(s) and utility easement(s).
  • All existing easements and right-of-ways known to underlying property.
  • Topographical elevation of the site (200‘ radius) to include the boundaries, tower base elevation and access roads at 2‘ intervals.
  • Identification and location of all existing property features and existing manmade structures.
  • Identification and location of all visible utility
  • Identification and location of existing trees and vegetation
  • Identification and location of any flood zones.
  • Establish and place permanent iron pins as benchmarks
  • An indication of true and magnetic North
  • 1A FAA certified coordinates of the proposed tower complete with AMSL elevation


In accordance with our customers specifications all survey drawings and documents are signed, stamped/sealed and dated by a professional licensed surveyor in the jurisdiction where the site is located. All drawings and documents are prepared in a professional manner in accordance with the requirements of the codes, standards and authorities having jurisdiction.