Tower Services

Our Tower Service Group was founded and incorporated in 1999 and was created to complete our turnkey approach to site development. Our managers work closely with customers to determine their exact needs and requirements. Our crews are certified tower and structure erectors. Additionally we can give our customers the edge by inspecting and mapping existing tower assemblies to address issues and potential problems such as antenna placement, structural conflicts and possible interference before they arise. Our technicians can provide detailed tower mapping identifying all attachments, antennas, dishes or other appurtenances. Photographs of each item and elevation are taken and catalogued, all inspection results are provided in electronic format on CD Rom with database access.


We will prepare a recommendation to bring your structure up to industry standards for performance and safety. We can maintain these standards by completing any future modifications, installations or maintenance using our "in house" technicians guaranteeing compliance with the highest standards.


Whether your project needs are tower erection, line installation, testing, inspections or maintenance, our management staff utilizes a "hands on" approach to guarantee quality workmanship. Our main focus is compliance with safety specifications while adhering to stringent time tables and budget requirements.