Antenna Services

Our technicians are well versed in the installation of all types of transmission lines, microwave dishes and antennas. No matter what type of technology you are deploying, combining or phasing out we specialize in implementing as well as transitioning state of the art systems to minimize or eliminate down time and ensure maximum performance. Our technicians have been factory trained in connector, ground kit and weatherproofing practices to ensure minimum DB loss. When it comes to custom installations such as water towers, church steeples, stealth poles, bill boards and roof tops we are among the best in the industry.


We understand our customer‘s needs when it comes to system performance and our technicians are well trained in testing and optimization of new or existing installations. With today‘s technology it is no longer acceptable only to understand standard installations. We use the latest state of the art equipment and continuously train our technicians on current and emerging technologies.


All system sweeps and performance testing is reviewed by our technical services group for quality control and accuracy. All installations are labeled, documented, photographed and assembled into our standard turn-over package for the customer. All our work is guaranteed and performed to our customer‘s satisfaction.