Tower Erection

Our Tower Services Group is an approved NATE/OSHA Partner and all personnel receive a 10 Hour Telecommunications Construction safety course which was developed by the US Department of Labor to provide tower workers, supervisors, and other personnel responsible for construction activities on tower sites with an awareness of the unique construction safety and health concerns in this industry. All participants in the NATE/OSHA Partnership are required to have all on site personnel trained in this or an equivalent with a specific focus on tower safety. Supervisory personnel for tower crews must obtain the OSHA 30. All attendees will become familiar with the OSHA Standards for Construction 29 CFR 1926. Other construction safety and health standards are also discussed. Attendees receive an update and review of standard construction safety and health principles, and information that prepares them to recognize and control a variety of hazardous conditions specific to the factors facing tower workers. An OSHA card will issued to each participant.


Whether erecting monopoles, guyed towers or self supporting towers our in house CCO certified crane operator‘s work hand in hand with local subcontracted CCO certified crane operators to ensure there is clear communication creating a safer environment for our crews during installation. All structures are assembled exactly to manufacturer‘s specification under the watchful eye of our seasoned superintendents. This combination of training, safety and experience allows our crews quickly and effectively to ensure project completion without delay.